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INSIGHTS | 5 Ways To Keep Your Classes Fall Fresh


Feeling stale in choreography? I hear ya! As instructors we spend a countless amount of time creating and planning an effective, fun well programmed class. BUT teaching class after class it’s inevitable we start to feel stale, bored, uninspired and maybe sound like a your fave spotify song on repeat. Even the best of us can suffer from “Fitness Block” when it comes to whipping up fresh moves, choreography, yoga flows, etc.

I mean how many ways can we really teach this push up, right! I hear ya sister! So sharing my ways to channel a fresh fall vibe into your class.

APP IT UP! During covid I joined multiple apps to

  • Stay in shape and fight the covid 19

  • Get inspired from professionals in the industry

SO, what happened and which apps did I dig. Well, Most of the time I found myself stopping to take notes, whisper to myself “remember this” and lighting up like a Christmas tree with all the new content I would deliver to members when “Fitness Opened Back Up”

A few I followed and loved

  • Nike Premium

  • FitOn

  • Centr

  • Class Pass

  • Beach Body

  • Peloton


When you’re trying to be creative, making a monthly plan is likely not the first method that comes to mind in order to get you there BUT taking an approach from the book of personal training programming here that builds on choreography or swaps playlist is easy.

It can be overwhelming to change up classes that in order to stand out and deliver a great product (ahem class) on a consistent basis,” she says. “It was too much to change up my class choreography and music every week for spinning, strength training, cardio, barre and more.

Instead lets pump our brakes with a realistic programmatic approach over 3-4 week span. Let’s take yoga for example. Recently I have created 1 flow and added “flair” so members can see themselves progress, understand the poses and how to get deeper. Each week I would let them know a new spin on the pose would be added and this gave them something to look forward to every single week. By the time they got used to the moves, it


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