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LIFE | Protein Packed Bean Salad

Protein packed 3 BEAN SALAD is up on the tube! 😋Totally part of my efforts to cut back our carnivorous ways whilst being pressed for time but trying to maintain this figure!! I CAN HAVE IT ALL, you can’t convince me otherwise!


This blog is also a video on my YouTube Channel so check it out below:)


- 2x 15oz Can Kidney Beans

- 2x 15oz Can Garbanzo Beans

- 1-2 Cups lightly steamed fresh green beans

- 1 Yellow Bell Pepper

- 1/2 Cup Green Onions

- Fresh Basil (Handful or to taste)

- Italian Dressing Dry Seasoning Pack

- Olive Oil


Give it a thumbs up, like, maybe a quick comment if ya dig it!!


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