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LIFE | Mayo-Less Tuna Salad

Another easy mix up that is perfect as we hit the tail end of mango season! Refreshing & light:)


Yet again I honestly didn’t measure anything, this is the result of creativity and the need to clean the fridge! But here are my assumptions on this EZ Not Your Momma’s Tuna Recipe!



▪️2 Family size packs of tuna in water (drained) @starkistcharlie

▪️1 avocado(I may have included more🤫)

▪️1/2 Red Onion⠀

▪️1 Ripe Mango⠀

▪️15 or so Cherry Tomatoes cut in quarters

▪️2 handfuls chopped parsley⠀

▪️Juice of 1.52 lemons⠀

▪️Salt & Peppa⠀


MIX THIS MAGIC and you done! Surprisingly the avocado kept really well. Lasted 4 days, no browning!⠀


Plus it’s #Rdub approved! 🙋🏼‍♂️



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