• Roz

FIT | What's Your Workout Style?

What’s your exercise style? What does that even mean, right? News flash⚡️Knowing could be a game changer in your success & adherence. Keep reading to determine your exercise style & how being in the can impact your adherence.

But once you identify your style, move forward in seeking out opportunities according to your style in this present moment.


💚 “SOLO-DOLO” You thrive off sweating it out alone! It’s the YOU time you look forward to and need little guidance as you jam out your tunes, racking-re-racking weights, grabbing plyometric equipment and slaying. YOU ARE 💯 SELF MOTIVATED! (May use a trainer to refresh your workouts to do on your own) ONLINE TRAINING works for ya! AHEM📣 Let me interject here and say the #HomeBodies program I’m launching in September will be your jam📣


💚 “TEAM WORK” You dig the energy, music or vibes of a class or small group. The accountability from others in the gym, studio, or park makes it worth it..along with hanging with cool peeps! From running clubs, to dance classes, small group training, spin classes, recreational sports leagues, boot camp, etc...YOU THRIVE OFF TEAM WORK, COMMUNITY ENERGY, SOCIALIZING & GUIDANCE FROM A PROFESSIONAL! See ya at @spenga@spengasugarland@spengahouston or on the